Success at CES

Recently we exhibited at the CES convention in Las Vegas, NV where we introduced our newest products set for release in early 2008. We showcased the Xerox Duplicator, the SharkCopier LS, the SharkCopier DC, and The Cube autoloader to much excitement and anticipation from those who visited our booth.

Our Booth at CES

The Xerox Duplicator offers a new twist on the typical standalone duplicator in that image files can be transferred directly from a PC onto the Duplicator’s internal hard drive. This saves time and ensures the highest quality duplications because the HDD is a better source than copying disc to disc.

The SharkCopier LS is a revolutionary product in that it can copy and print in a single standalone duplication tower. Using the LightScribe labeling technology, the SharkCopier LS can be used as a standard duplicator then you flip the disc and you can print directly onto the disc using the same drive. This eliminates the need for ink or ribbon saving money and time.

The SharkCopier DC is perfect for the heavy volume user. Using a daisy chain technology these units can be linked together where multiple towers are controlled by a single source. This will allow a user to link hundreds to thousands of towers together that all work in unison making thousands of discs at one time.

The Cube is a single drive 25 disc capacity autoloader that is perfect for users with little time and less money. At a very low price point, The Cube is perfect for any office or home environment. With the reliable robotic capabilities, the user can attend to other issues while their project is being copied.

We had a tremendous response on these new products as well as our standard line and I really look forward to introducing these products to a wider international market when we attend CeBIT in March.

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