Xerox Making Big Changes

Xerox is undergoing a major transformation to reestablish the brand as more than just a paper copier company. For many like myself, when we refer to making multiple copies of documents, products, etc. on paper, I would often refer to it as “Xeroxing” them. In an effort to further expose the Xerox brand beyond this functionality, they have recently announced a major re-branding effort as well as establishing a number of new patents and products. In fact Xerox was awarded 584 patents in 2007, a remarkable feat.

“We have transformed Xerox into a business that connects closely with customers in a content-rich digital marketplace,” said Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox chairman and chief executive officer. “Our new brand reflects who we are, the markets we serve and the innovation that differentiates us in our industry. We have expanded into new markets, created new businesses, acquired new capabilities, developed technologies that launched new industries — all to ensure we make it easier, faster, and less costly for our customers to share information.”

In addition, and more related to the topics of this blog, there will be a new addition to the Office Products line of merchandise with the introduction of the Xerox Duplicator series. This new innovation on the standard optical disc duplicator series offers the unique “Drag & Drop” function which allows the user to transfer image files directly from a PC onto the Xerox Duplicator’s internal hard drive. This will save significant time over the standard method of burning a master disc and using that to load one image file at a time onto the duplicator’s hard drive.

The Xerox Duplicator falls in line with the original concept of reproduction and duplication that Xerox was known for as well as fits into the new direction of innovation and technology that Xerox is moving towards. Looks like a perfect fit for the company and its clientèle ready to move into the new millennium of the Digital Age!

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