With so many companies leaving the industry, Vinpower is a beacon of stability and reliability!

Vin stable

I receive weekly emails from our A/R insurance broker highlighting companies that are close to or in the process of declaring bankruptcy. Even in the duplication market, the landscape has changed dramatically with many companies, both large and small, leaving the market, in some cases voluntarily and others through bankruptcy/insolvency. However, through it all, Vinpower remains healthy and very active in developing products that support and advance the goals of the duplication market. Vinpower may not be on the fast track to Microsoft or Apple type revenue, but we have managed to steer clear of pitfalls and provide our customers with solid reliable hardware, media, and support, all while offering very competitive pricing.

I’m not bringing this up to brag about Vinpower’s good fortune. Rather, to let everyone know that when you’re looking at the market landscape and wondering who will still be there when you need them, you can rest assured that Vinpower will still be standing strong and proud to support you. Why wait until you’re desperate for a solution, talk to Vinpower today to see how we can support your efforts in the digital duplication marketplace.

For more details about Vinpower’s products, please visit our website, www.vinpowerdigital.com, or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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