Two for one with the same quality.

Since Vinpower Digital offers an array of Blu-ray capable duplication products and media, I often get questions asking, “what’s the best Blu-ray player on the market?” The answer is actually surprising, yet it shouldn’t be. The best player is misleading because the drive used inside the players for Blu-ray discs is basically universal across all units. So the true question should be which Blu-ray player offers the most additional features at the best price? The answer is the Sony Play Station 3 (PS3).

This may be surprising because it’s essentially seen as a gaming console with the Blu-ray player as an add-on. In reality, it should be obvious. Sony is one of the chief architects of the Blu-ray technology and obviously the developer for the Play Station gaming console. So it only stands to reason that they should have the best of both products. Since the PS3 games are on Blu-ray discs, then the Blu-ray reader in the gaming console has to be strong enough to stand up to constant usage. Anyone who knows a gamer knows that when they get hooked on a game, they go into a time vortex where day and night cease to exist.

With Sony competing heavily in the gaming market against Microsoft and Nintendo, the price of a PS3 is below most other Blu-ray players on the market and it has the added benefit of being able to play video games at the same time! Automatically the buyer gets a 2 for 1 advantage over any other Blu-ray player. Even if you rarely or never play video games, why not take advantage of the added feature, you never know when it will come in handy. Since the movies and games are in hi-def, the picture quality and sound (assuming the A/V equipment has HD capability and a surround sound tuner) are top notch. So if you’re in the market for a Blu-ray player, then stop by your local electronics store or shop online and just pick up the PS3.

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