Vinpower exhibiting our new line of Optiarc SSD drives at the Computex Tradeshow in Taiwan

Computex SSD 2018

Vinpower has successfully launched our own line of optical discs, flash media (including USB), and will now launch a new line of Optiarc SSD drives. By performing strict and intensive quality control standards to weed out any defective or substandard media, Vinpower can ensure 100% reliability with 0 defects. When you’re dealing with hard drives like SSD that store critical and irreplaceable content, you can’t afford to take any changes.

To get a first look at the new Optiarc SSD drives, please make an appointment today to visit Vinpower’s booth, June 5th – 9th, 2018, located at TWTC Nangang, 1F J1017a.

For more details about archival storage or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

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