Google and Apple’s cooperation in cloud storage shows how competing companies can mutually benefit from joint cooperation

iCloud on Google

Recently, Apple confirmed that they have been and are currently using Google’s cloud platform for Apple’s iCloud Service. What makes this significant? These two corporations, which aggressively compete in multiple platforms, including the cloud storage market, find that it’s fiscally beneficial to work together on a shared service/product. For Apple to lease a portion of Google’s existing cloud storage network rather than building new stations on their own, shows that good business sense overrides making costly decisions based on an emotional reaction to competition.

Vinpower has long taken the same approach and built a strong OEM/ODM market by working with both our biggest competitors and other market leaders to offer duplication hardware and media through a variety of channels. Vinpower has shown over the past 18+ years that we can be a trustworthy and beneficial partner even if both parties are marketing their goods to the same customer base. Whether it’s providing hardware components, OEM media, or certification/sorting services, Vinpower has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Why keep overpaying for products or decreasing cash flow by holding months’ worth of inventory to secure better rates or timing? When you work with Vinpower we offer the same or better items at a fraction of the price for just the items you need when you need them. It’s best to focus on growing your business rather than waste money doubling your efforts to source from an overseas entity that doesn’t take the time to understand your needs and ambitions.

For more details about any of Vinpower’s products, services, or support, visit our website: www.vinpowerdigital.comor speak with a representative

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