Physical Media Isn’t Going Anywhere, Says Blu-ray Disc Association

media to stay

At first glance, you may be skeptical of the statement about the longevity of physical media from an entity that not only represents and promotes a form of physical media, but also exists to collect royalties for said media. But, if you look at the empirical evidence that they have collected, it’s hard to argue with the facts that indeed, physical media has numerous advantages over streaming media content delivery.

There are two key areas that prove physical media is a true long term solution:

1) Sales for hardware to play physical media has increased as of late
2) Increased capacity for the latest Ultra HD 4K / 8K content would push the boundaries of broadband speeds and limitations.

Both of these arguments take for granted that the video content consuming audience would prefer the higher resolution, greater depth of color, and superior audio sound that the current and evolving Ultra HD 4K / 8K content would provide. According to the statistic, this assumption holds true based on the current sales of Ultra HD Blu-ray players, which has increased by 133%. In addition, there has been an eight-fold increase in 2017 for Ultra HD software as well the doubling of available Ultra HD Blu-ray titles currently available. This proves there still exists a demand for physical media, not only in the fact that consumers are willing to buy new hardware to support this media, but also that they are willing to purchase new hardware despite the fact they already own hardware that played the previous version of the media. So the consumers are making the leap with the latest upgrades in the technology.

The second argument of bandwidth limitations is also a very strong indicator that even as streaming technology is moving at a breakneck pace, it’s not moving at the same pace for everyone. Most of the regions that offer the bandwidth that could handle the streaming content transfer rates needed for the extremely large capacity UHD format, the services offering the streaming content have to appeal to a greater audience that often doesn’t have the capacity. So that means that service often compresses the content to make it easier to transfer through smaller and slower broadband services. This results in the loss of video and audio quality compared to what one would get from viewing through physical media.

These are not the only reasons or evidence that physical media is here to stay for a long long time, but they are 2 very compelling reasons that prove the Blu-ray Disc Association isn’t just a shill working on behalf of content and hardware manufacturers, but a beacon of light on a dispirited industry looking for answers whether physical media will stay or go.

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