HP starting what I think will be a trend

On April 5th, 2007, I wrote how LG was the first to announce the new combo Blu-ray/HD DVD drive. According to articles published on both PC World and PC Magazines online sites, Hewlett Packard (HP) will add these new drives to their line of retail personal computers. I see this as the first step toward moving a higher percentage of the consumer market toward the next generation hi-def video and larger storage capacity of the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats.

In this case, equipment suppliers such as HP are covering their bet by offering both formats so that if one format should win out over the other, their product will not become obsolete. No one wants to pay an extra $800 ~ $1,200 to include a next generation drive that may become an afterthought within a year. At this time, it’s impossible to determine who will win the format war to “replace” DVD and both formats may find a large enough customer base to co-exist, so HP, LG and I’m certain many to follow are going to gamble on the option with the lowest risk involved.

Personally, I’d wait and get the cheaper DVD writer instead. Customers are better off purchasing a single or multiple drive Blu-ray or HD DVD duplicator with a USB connection like the SharkBlu from Vinpower Digital. Why get a single drive tied to your computer like a tether, when the customer can get a multipurpose SharkBlu able to work as an external Blu-ray or HD DVD burner and portable duplicator. The price difference is negligible and the opportunities are far broader. If you’re going to step into the next generation of media, make sure you’re using the right equipment to produce and make copies of your master disc.

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