Don’t take any chances, OptoDisc Blu-ray media is fully licensed by One Blue

One Blue license Opto

Vinpower’s full line of Blu-ray media is fully compliant as an official One Blue licensee. In the past, the patent holders for CD and DVD recordable media were only interested in securing media royalties from the original manufacturers. So even if a product was unlicensed, the buyer/user was not required to pay the license fee. That is no longer the case with Blu-ray. Today, regardless of whether you are the manufacturer or the buyer, either can be responsible for paying the royalty amount for the full quantity of Blu-ray media they sold or purchased. That means that unsuspecting businesses or individuals could be hit with substantial royalty fees that comes as a result of purchasing and using unlicensed Blu-ray media.

So don’t get caught with substantial fees or a potential lawsuit from the One Blue organization by purchasing Blu-ray media from an unlicensed company. Protect yourself and your customers from the burden of potential harassment and/or legal consequences by working with Vinpower and know that you have officially licensed and royalty paid high quality duplication grade media.

For more details about Vinpower’s licensed One Blue products or any of Vinpower’s product line, please visit or speak with a Vinpower representative near you.

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