Who Can We Trust?

It seems like there’s a news story everyday about items manufactured in China being recalled due to some form of defect in craftsmanship or the hazardous nature of the materials used. This has many people fearful as to the safety of products made in Asia, especially in China. I have to say, even though this has shown that there are some safety standards that should be strengthened in China, the companies outside of China ordering these goods have a responsibility to mandate the quality of craftsmanship and materials used in these items.

At Vinpower Digital, all of our products are designed and programmed at our American headquarters located in Southern California. We outsource the fabrication of our hardware to companies in Taiwan, (which has higher governmental standards on production than mainland China), but we also demand that our products meet the strict international standards of the American and European governments for safety. Our office in Taiwan inspects all items built to make sure that our products adhere to the RoHS, FCC, CE protocols as well as our own very high standards.

At Vinpower Digital, we believe it’s wiser to spend a little more money in advance so that we don’t have to pay a much higher cost later. Our reputation for quality and performance in the field of CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD optical disc duplication products is the basis of our success and it’s taken us far in a short period of time. Our pledge to our current and future customers is that we will always put our product above profits!

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