Japan is working on a new material that will create a single optical disc with a capacity up to 10TB!

10TB disc

A recent article released in Japan (see the below link) touts a potential breakthrough in optical disc technology. The Japan Institute of Industrial Technology has announced that it has developed a multi-layer, high-speed recording technology that is expected to produce a capacity of up to 10TB on a single optical disc, which can be used for long-term archival storage. I’m not going to get into the technological details as to how this is possible, but if you want more in-depth details, you can click on the following link:


For those of you that don’t read Japanese, like myself, you can use a web browser translator to provide a fairly good translation into your preferred language.

The key is that once again, this proves that optical discs are not being completely replaced by streaming, flash media, or even server farms. Instead, researchers recognize the value and necessity for both day to day use and long term archival storage that optical discs offer and continue to invest in R&D to develop greater and greater capacity optical discs. Imagine keeping the entire library of congress on a single disc! With so much digitalized information and content that continue to grow exponentially, server farms will become too costly to maintain all that data. It will be critical to have a solution to store important archival data offline, but yet make it easy enough to retrieve if needed at any time. Optical discs remain as necessary and relevant as when they were first created.

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