New 4K Ultra HD TV sales have increased this holiday season opening the doors for more 4K movie titles to be released

4K TV BD taking off

The latest Blu-ray format, 4K Ultra HD, has been available since 2014, but it hasn’t replaced standard 1080p HD as the mainstream format yet. As each new optical disc format is released, there are 3 factors that must all work together in order for that format to be successful:

1) There has to be players that play the 4K format
2) There has to be TV’s/monitors that can view the content in 4K
3) There has to be content produced in 4K that can be available to the consumers

All 3 of these elements have to exist simultaneously in order to transition successfully. The only issue is the public hasn’t been as anxious to adopt the latest HD format as they were to transition from analog video tape to the first iteration of digital DVD. For many, they don’t see the benefits of a more vibrant picture and crisper sound. Others, don’t feel it’s worth the added cost to replace their entire entertainment system and movie collection. But eventually the consumers come around.

This holiday season, 4K Ultra HD TV’s were a very popular item, especially during the traditional “Black Friday” sales that take place in the US after their Thanksgiving holiday. With the increased 4K TV sales, there will now be more TV’s that can display the brilliance of the 4K resolution and therefore encourage more content producers to create home video titles in 4K as well. This starts the new cycle of adopting a new format into the consumers consciousness and then into the mainstream living rooms.

So if you are producing video content, this is a good time to begin upgrading to the 4K Ultra HD format and ride the wave of transition to the new normal.

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