Vinpower can provide royalty paid licensed Blu-ray Media under your own brand name and packaging

One Blue license private label

Vinpower is a brand licensee with One Blue, the organization that enforces that payment of all Blu-ray licensing royalties. That means that Vinpower can offer their own Blu-ray brands, which are fully licensed by One Blue, without concern of being hit with massive back dated royalty payments or litigation. In addition, we can also support 3rd parties looking to offer or continue their own line of Blu-ray media and ensure that they are fully licensed. So, if you are currently offering Blu-ray media from a manufacturer that is not licensed with One Blue or your supplier stopped offering Blu-ray media due to the costs and pressure from One Blue, Vinpower can support your efforts to continue offering your signature brand without fear of retribution or litigation.

For more details about how Vinpower can support your company’s efforts to offer licensed recordable Blu-ray media, contact us today. Don’t discontinue your Blu-ray media line or risk your company’s financial stability by selling unlicensed Blu-ray media. Remember, One Blue can target customers and resellers to recoup any unpaid royalty fees, not just the manufacturer. So don’t take a chance, contact Vinpower right away to find out how we can support you.

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