From Humble Beginnings Part III

With the growing success of the SharkCopier line, Calvin realized he needed to complete his product mix with a robotic autoloader duplicator. Not fully aware of the immense undertaking an autoloader would be, the quest was started. Due to the intricate complexities that are not even a consideration in the manual tower, such as alignment and picking issues, it took over a year just to develop the first working model of the Vinpower Digital TITAN line of autoloaders.

The next step was putting it in the market and testing them under real world situations. We could have never expected the type of havoc small variations in humidity, atmosphere, and other unforeseen elements would have on the autoloader where the manual towers never had an issue. Luckily our engineers are located in our California corporate office and they were able to speak directly to the customers and on occasion visit them at their facility to see the issues first hand. We would work directly with the users to test our solutions allowing us to improve the units immediately instead of waiting to get feedback from a foreign manufacturer. The hiccups in the first production helped make each subsequent line and new design even better and more reliable. Today Vinpower Digital’s line of standalone duplication equipment is unrivaled in quality and performance.

It didn’t take long for others to recognize the quality, attention to detail and strong support that Vinpower Digital offered could benefit their business and customer base gaining more and more partners in the industry. The journey is still far from over and there’s a lot we learn everyday about our products and how to improve them, Vinpower Digital has come a long way from their humble beginning and that van. Hopefully with the support of our partners, we can continue to grow as a company and put out new and innovative products.

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