From Humble Beginnings Part II

Taking a chance that he could make a difference and a big impact on the optical disc duplication industry, Calvin assembled a team of engineers to develop his own products.  Finding qualified engineers that shared Calvin’s ideas and passion for, what at the time was a niche product, was not easy, but again perseverance paid off and the team came together.

At the same time, Calvin needed to find vendors that he could source materials from and fabrication plants that could create the principal products from his team’s designs and specs.  In order to reduce costs and stay competitive, Calvin frequently traveled and communicated with companies in Taiwan to find the right balance of quality and reliability.  Even though Calvin was from Taiwan and had many contacts in the area, this was no small task given the time difference and distance.  But the determination paid off resulting in Vinpower Digital’s first original offering the SharkCopier standalone CD/DVD manual tower duplicator.  The SharkCopier had many advance for the time like an aluminum frame, auto-counter, Partition Naming, Load and Copy, and more.

Innovation wasn’t enough to keep the company moving forward.  Calvin needed to get the Vinpower Digital products on to the market and increase sales if the dream was to come true.  In order to keep costs down and prices affordable, Calvin knew that he needed to move higher volume than he could manage on his own.  The only way to push up the volume was to work with established resellers to offer the Vinpower Digital or an OEM’d version under the companies own brand.  To attract the right resellers, Calvin knew he had to offer something unique that the established manufacturers did not provide beyond simply price alone.  So first, he needed to improve the visibility of Vinpower Digital.  He began by increasing the number of electronics and broadcasting trade shows Vinpower Digital participated in.  Then he began hiring a bigger staff of employees with broader sales and marketing experience.   Even though some companies saw Vinpower Digital’s marketing push and greater exposure as competition, they began to realize that Vinpower Digital could offer them opportunities beyond their current supply channel that would not only help them better compete with the existing competition, but grow in directions they were not able to develop on their own.

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