From Humble Beginnings Part I

As Vinpower Digital rises in the duplicator field to become the leading global manufacturer, it’s always inspiring to think back to where the company started from. History is the key to our future, and even though our company is relatively young in years, the electronics industry is a fast paced environment infused with young blood to develop newer and greater innovations.

Working part time selling computer parts online while still a graduate student, our CEO Calvin Chang, had a vision that duplicators and duplicator accessories would soon become standard office accessories like the fax machine and paper copier. With margins drying up in the computer parts industry, he set out to make a name in the growing duplication equipment market. Starting out with a van and a great deal of determination, Vinpower Digital was born.

First starting out as a system integrator, buying parts and assembling equipment for sale, the business grew, but Calvin was not satisfied with the existing components on the market used to build a duplicator. Attempting to work with the manufacturers to offer his input to improve the reliability and quality of the duplication process, he was further frustrated when his ideas were either rebuffed or offered across the board to all of their customers. Seeing the writing on the wall, Calvin decided to develop his own standalone duplication controller and specialized casing to offer the highest quality product and differentiate from the competition.

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  1. hi i enjoyed the read

    Comment by Misael — August 18, 2007 #

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