The NAB Convention

I’m back from NAB and it was quite an experience. Since NAB focuses on broadcasting and dissemination of information on DVD and CD is a major part of the broadcast community, there were a significant number of people looking for duplication equipment. At the same time, with so many people looking for duplication equipment, there was a larger than average number of companies offering duplication equipment. Most shows we attend there are about a maximum of 5 companies exhibiting duplication equipment, this time there was at least 14 different companies.

With that many competitors, one would think this would be a difficult sell to vie for the throngs of patrons in need of such a product. However, we are uniquely position among the numerous exhibiters in that we supply or will supply over 60% of those companies with at least one version of our products. So it is in our best interest that not only do we gather greater interest at this show, but also that the companies that work with us also create a greater buzz, especially for the products we provide them.

Another thing I was hoping to see at this show is whether there was more momentum toward Blu-ray or HD DVD. The consensus is that all video is moving toward Hi Definition, but there is yet a clear consensus as to which format will win out. There of course was a lot of speculation, but that’s all it is at this point. In the duplication market, Blu-ray is leading because HD DVD does not even have a drive available yet. But the Blu-ray drives are in their infancy as well, so it’s not too late for HD DVD to jump into the mix. I never did get a clear answer that would lead me to declare either format the winner or eventual winner, so time will tell.

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